Bowling Tournament Fundraiser




Proceeds will benefit the

PRYDE Mentoring Academy

Additional information contact:

Debra Hawkins, Tournament Director or

Wilbur Hawkins

(440)494-7774 or

Tournament Rules:

1) Have fun!

2) This tournament is sanctioned by USBC and is open to bowlers 18 years and older, Seniors must be 55 years or older. All participants are  required to be sanctioned by USBC (2016/2017 bowling season).  Un-sanctioned bowlers may fill out a USBC registration form and register on-sight with the USBC for a $10 Fee.

3) All USBC rules not specific will be in effect.

4) No Touring PBA or PWBA members may bowl in this event.

5) Lanes will be assigned at tournament office 30 minutes prior to start time.

6) Bowl as many times as you like, but only cash once.

7) Bowlers will bowl three (3) games across six (6) lanes, moving one pair to the right after each game

8) You must be on your lanes and ready to bowl when it's your turn or you will receive a zero (0) for that frame. If bowler arrives after tournament has started, they will receive zeros for any frames missed.

9) All scores shall be handicapped based on 80% of 230 (with a cap of 300).

10) All bowlers will use their highest average 2015/2016 average of 21 games from a fall/winter sanctioned league. No composite averages will be accepted. No summer averages will be accepted. If bowler does not have a 2015/2016 average, current average from 2016/2017 may be used (verified by league secretary or ending season league standing sheet). If no average, bowler will bowl scratch (230).

11) Rule 319a.2 is in effect (10pin rule).

12) Rule 319e is not in effect.

13) Any bowler who reports a lower average than required may forfeit all tournament fees and winnings including handicap jackpots. Bowler is responsible for verifying average whether submitted by them or a designee.  All averages will be verified through

14) The average an entrant uses to first enter the tournament will be used for all subsequent squads unless average verification shows it should have been higher.  Failure to comply with any tournament riles may lead to disqualification.

15) All jackpots will be collected by Tournament Officials ONLY.

16) Saturday and Sunday Squad times will be 11:30 a.m.  |  1:30 p.m.  |  4:30 p.m.

17) All claims for error in scoring must be made immediately to a tournament official. No adjustment will be made after the next bowler bowls.

18) In the event of equipment or mechanical breakdown, the tournament office reserves the right to move the bowlers to other lanes and squad (if applicable).

19) NO REFUNDS AFTER CLOSING DATE, IN CASE OF ABSENCE OR INABILITY TO BOWL, YOU MAY SUBSTITUTE. All substitutes must be communicated with to the tournament director. Tournament will not refund money to original bowler if a substitute bowls.

20) There will be a $45 charge on all returned checks for NSF and will automatically forfeit prize money. Tournament will not accepted checks from bowler in future tournaments. IF YOUR CHECK WON'T CLEAR THE BANK, DON'T WRITE ONE. No personal checks will be accepted after Oct 28th. Cash, money order or certified check June 1st and after. Cash ONLY day of tournament.

21) Premature termination of the tournament brought about by war, national emergency, or emergency causes relating thereto or there from; fire, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties, or other reasons beyond the control of tournament sponsor, SHALL CAUSE THE FORGOING PRIZE SCHEDULES TO BE PRORATED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NUMBER OF ENTRANTS WHO HAVE BOWLED UP TO THE TIME OF TERMINATION.

22) Failure to comply with any tournament rules may lead to disqualification.  Director's decision are final.

23) Entries close on Nov. 5th.  All monies will be paid off after all averages have been verified.

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Certification: # 11051


Credit Cards, Check, Cash,  Money Orders, Cashiers Checks

(Cash- in person to tournament representative only)

(Personal Checks- will not be accepted after Oct. 28th )



17325 Euclid Ave. Suite 4006

Cleveland, Ohio 44112

The Lanes, 21400 Southgate Park Blvd., Maple Hts., OH 44137