Phase Three:


Human Resources Platform

Program Director:  Dr. Rachel Marie Angel

Dr. Rachel  Angel was born in Newark, New Jersey, and at the age of five, moved to Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from Hampton University, where she earned her Doctor of Pharmacy. Six years ago, Dr. Angel, founded Ireach, non-profit, 501c3 organization to address the needs of underserved youth. Ireach, was created to address the need for our youths to re-connect, re-establish moral character, work ethics, social awareness, education, and community pride within themselves.


Dr.  Angel is the President and CEO of Anexsis. Dr. Angel, developed PEERRO, which is an interactive software, engaging young adults seeking employment. This PEERRO platform provides immediate entry level employment opportunities, while providing a pathway to engage employers seeking qualified applicants. This innovative platform takes the guess work out of job search and application process.

Peerro is a free, revolutionary human resources platform that helps employers identify, hire, and retain qualified candidates by reducing employee hiring time, increasing employee moral, and reducing employee turnover.

Peerro was created out of a need for employers to save money and time on recruitment, and to hire more qualified employees. The system also helps job-seekers by not only providing them with information on jobs in their local area, but also provides them pathways for better employment by displaying the education, training, and certification information necessary to get them to a higher paying position. In some cases, job seekers are able to get immediate interviews.


Not all jobs or careers require a bachelor or associate degree. Many employers cannot find enough qualified applicants to work in specialized hourly wage positions. Employers in manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality industries face a big challenge finding qualified candidates for entry positions, especially ones to fill the pipeline towards more advanced roles and careers.

“I believe we can change things,” Dr. Rachel Angel, founder of Peerro, says “by providing students access to unfilled entry-level opportunities while creating pathways from those entry positions to better-paying opportunities that need additional skills or are in demand.”

Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 face a greater than 10 percent unemployment rate, when overall unemployment is around 4 percent, but it isn’t because there is a lack of unfilled jobs. 

For Employers

Peerro provides a unique opportunity for employers to reduce employee turnover. Through Peerro, employers not only post jobs on the system, they are able to post pre-qualifications. Research shows that qualified employees tend to stay on the job longer.


Employers can access their own dashboard which shows open positions, those who have applied, and those who are best qualified for the position based on a set of requirements set up by the employer via a point system, customized by the employer. They can also help to prepare candidates for hire several months in advance by posting the requirements of an upcoming job.


Employers may also set up interviews with the system as well. Peerro gives the employer control over who applies for a job, making sure candidates have the proper training and certifications, and allows an employer to groom a job seeker in advance of an upcoming position. Employers have the advantage of accessing a base of qualified candidates from which to choose.

For Job Seekers

Job-seekers can access Peerro via their mobile phones. This gives them instant access to open positions in their area. Peerro provides job seekers with details on jobs available in their area. and in some cases a job-seeker may get a guaranteed interview. Peerro also helps them to pre-qualify for upcoming positions.


This is achieved by providing them with pathways to improve their chances of getting a job or getting a higher paying job by showing them the qualifications needed, certifications, education, or whatever else is necessary to secure a that better paying job.