The Youth Culinary Program

Culinary Training and Education for At-Risk Youth
with Program Director 

Program Director:   Executive Chef 


Program Description:

Custom-designed culinary arts certificate program. 6-9 month (2 classes per week, 3 hour sessions)

Our Program will offer professional training in one of Cleveland’s high growth industries—food service. It may be the first of its kind in the city, the youth referred to the program will be 16–18 years of age with at least a ninth-grade academic capability (candidates will be tested). Each must have committed a nonviolent crime and either dropped out of high school or be at risk of dropping out.

Upon completion of the training program, youth will be given two options: they can enter the workforce or continue their education with the Culinary Institute of America. Students interested in entering the workforce can join a placement initiative.

Our program not only can serve as an alternative to incarceration for at-risk youth, but give them an opportunity to learn an employment skill that can improve their chances to become productive members of the community.

Culinary Arts Training:

  • Students will be trained in all aspects of culinary arts, including;


  • Culinary terminology

  • Knife skills and using professional equipment

  • Safety and Sanitation (Servsafe certification)

  • Kitchen measurement

  • Cooking techniques while multitasking

  • An introduction to sauces, baking, meats and pastas

  • Communicate appropriately to colleagues, staff and management

  • Team building, organization, and interview skills

  • Self-esteem and self-discipline character building

  • Apply and demonstrate culinary knowledge and skills with consistency using established standards within the industry and facility

Proven At-Risk Youth Culinary Programs:

 Our Youth Culinary Program was adapted from:



the Culinary Education and Training Program for At-Risk Youth (CETARY), which was designed and implemented by Johnson & Wales University (JWU) with support from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. JWU, located in Miami, Florida, has one of the largest culinary arts divisions in the world.


CETARY is a nine-month, custom-designed culinary arts certificate program. It provides at-risk youth with specialized, hands-on education and training to help them achieve their goals (educational, work life, etc.) and become productive citizens.


The youth referred to the program are 16-18 years of age with at least a ninth-grade academic capability. Each must have committed a nonviolent crime and either dropped out of high school or are at risk of dropping out. Students also study for a General Equivalency Degree (GED) and participate in personal and professional development services.

All At-Risk Youths referred to the proposed the Culinary Youth Program will be participants of the PRYDE Mentoring Academy Program. All At-Risk Youths participating in partnering programs shall fall under the responsibility, guidelines, and rules and regulations of the PRYDE Mentoring Academy Program.

Minor and Associates, Inc. will maintain liability insurance coverage for all participants enrolled in partnering programs of the PRYDE Mentoring Academy Program. The safety and security of our At-Risk Youth will always be our primary focus; we understand that it most likely the concerns of our partnering programs as well.  The PRYDE Mentoring Academy Program will provide Liaison Mentors to each partnering program for all participant concerns.