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"P.R.Y.D.E. partners with the Moody Environmental & Consulting for new Workforce Program

After a rewarding meeting with Carla Moody, owner of Moody Environmental & Consulting, LLC. P.R.Y.D.E. will seek the assistance of the Cleveland Job Corp and community re-entry programs participants to combat the ever alarming Lead levels in elementary and school age children. 

Skills training and Job placements will be an added benefit for clients participating in the Workforce Program. The year long program will involve three phases.  Training and certifications, Licensing, on-site on-the-job training to Job placement.

Jan 2019

Raffle Drawing and Open House


Environmental Training & Workforce Program Launch

 The PRYDE Environmental Training & Workforce Pilot Program to test the feasibility of providing jobs and the opportunity for entrepreneurship while bringing services of lead prevention to individuals in their homes.


We think that by using lead abatement workers, supervised by one professional licensed lead abatement contractor per home, that we can expand the horizons of a significant number of homes serviced.


We have limited our pilot to key targeted areas of Glenville, East Cleveland and the Mount Pleasant communities because of the preponderance of highest percentage of lead poisoning in our community. When the pilot proves successful, we would, of course, want to expand our programs to include other communities and cities.


Our one-year pilot program objectives include:


  1. Establishing an in-house quarterly training recruitment for growth of the external workforce program in homes within our community;


  1. Recruiting 50-75 workers to make those visits on a rotating basis (many of the workers will be recruited from the Job Corp and Re-entry programs); and


  1. Improving the health and blood lead levels of children and adults in those homes serviced by Interim Controls and abatement, and setting pre-set intervals of preventive measures for future years.


Some of the supporting programs that we plan to include in Workforce participants include:


  • Mentoring and Self Worth: by the Ridge Project’s TYRO program;

  • Financial Education: by Fifth Third’s Empower U program;

  • Music Engineering and Production: by BlaqueRoc Entertainment’s Music program;

  • Culinary Art: by PRYDE’s Culinary Education program

  • Performing Arts: by Roblu and Jamocha Arts Center’s Dance and Theater programs

Past Events

 Program Launch 

09/04/2018 -  News


Mentoring Academy Program's virtual doors will open for the first time allowing access to the inaugural class of 2017 At-Risk Youth along with the Redemption Road Initiative program supported by Mentoring, Tutoring, Career goals, Computer Lab, technical, Music, Performing Arts, Sports, Athletics, Culinary and the pilot Junior Military Training program.

08/19/2018 -  News


The Win a 2017 Dream Corvette Raffle drawing will be held at the PRYDE Mentoring Academy location in the Firebird Athletic Center located at 480 Northfield rd. Ohio 44146. 

 * Congratulations to  our grand prize winner Daniel Halstead of New York

PRYDE Mentoring Academy launching Benefactor Appreciation Banquet with silent auction and performances for our Sponsors, Investors, Donors, Mentors, Board Members, Volunteers and Neighbors at the Oakwood Community Center, 23035 Broadway Avenue, Oakwood, OH 44146. Sunday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

03/1/2017 -  News

"Josh Cribbs joins PRYDE Mentoring Academy Partnership"












Josh Cribbs of One Six Security with Joey Billups. Joe Bailey and Gerald Fitch being added to the PRYDE Mentoring Academy. "We are excited about the addition of adding Josh to our Mentoring and Career Training program as well as adding his Sports Skills program," said Executive Director, Ernest Minor. Pictured from l to r (Jazz Saxophonist recording artist John "J Saxx" Watkins, former 3x NFL Pro Bowler for the Cleveland Browns Josh Cribbs, Executive Director of PRYDE Mentoring Academy Ernest Minor and PRYDE Program Administrator Debbie Massa-Hawkins)


04/24/2018 -  News

"P.R.Y.D.E. partners with the RIDGE Project to introduce the TYRO R.O.P. (Rites Of Passage)"

P.R.Y.D.E. unveils it's plan to launch the RIDGE Project's TYRO R.O.P. (Rites Of Passage) program to be the core leadership curriculum throughout the it's collaboration. Every youth participant in the P.R.Y.D.E. program will be enrolled in the year long evidence based award-winning curriculum. The RIDGE Project’s youth program provides positive character development, traditional values and life skills education through our TYRO Rites Of Passage (ROP) program to youth in Ohio’s schools and detention centers. This program was originally developed by National Family Life and Education Center. 

07/3/2017 - News

"Ray Austin joins PRYDE Mentoring Academy Partnership"








Ray Austin adds his Ray Austin Boxing and Mentoring  program the P.R.Y.D.E. program. Ray's partnership will be invaluable with his straight in the face style of mentoring while he conditions the body, spirit and minds of at-risk and high risk youth with the potential of doing great things when nurtured from the streets to the gym room, and from the gym room to the board room.