Collaborating Programs

The PRYDE Mentoring Academy will be working closely with a variety of Cleveland community partners and the program partners on our coordinated program projects.PMAP will work with the public schools to insure all youth involved in programs get merits towards their Supervised Education Experience (SAE) hours for school. Other entities involved will include the Urban League, United Black Fund, Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiatives(JDAI), Cuyahoga Juvenile Court and other entities.

The participating youth and their programs will be overseen and monitored by the Youth Protective Service which will coordinate between mentors and program directors. Most coordination will be over the phone and on-site.On-going Program progress and success will be discussed in program wide monthly meetings between PRYDE Mentoring Academy administration and program directors.

P.R.Y.D.E.(Partners Reaching Youths thru Developmental Education) consist of the following entities;


  • BlaqueRoc Music Group

  • PRYDE Culinary Education and Training program

  • ROBLU American Dance Theater

  • Village Family Farms / Kleen Green

  • RX Home Healthcare

  • Northern Exposure M&M

Associated Partnerships:

  • Citizen Circle Reentry Program

  • The Urban League

  • Cuyahoga Juvenile Court

  • The Ridge Project - TYRO R.O.P.


  • Moody Environmental & Consulting

  • Fifth Third Bank

Become A Mentor

Our program is a year long commitment, and ends with a completion ceremony and performance. At the end of your one year commitment,  We encourage both the mentor and the youth to move on together to continue your relationship, develop leadership skills, and continue with the community.

The expectation is for our mentors to meet with their teen a minimum of 5 hours a month adding support to PRYDE's partnership programs.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities mentoring children from age 11 to 17. Volunteers are required to  work with mentees to build self-esteem and leadership skills, increase school attendance and performance, end gang activity and violence and decrease substance abuse with assisting with their program goals.