American Dance Theatre Ministry
"Changing lives One Step At A Time"

Program Director:  Sabrina Gregory

Ms. Sabrina Gregory, First Vice-Chair - a Cleveland native, is the Artistic Director oof ROBLU American Dance Theatre and the Ministry / Arts Director of ROBLU Performing Arts Ministry. She is a proud Alumni of the Karamu House making her debut at Karamu at the age of 15 in the "Karamu Carousel of Stars". She was later casted as Mary in "The Black Nativity". Ms. Gregory choreographed three shows for Karamu, "The Color Purple", "Ain't nothing but the Blues", and "The Wiz".  She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (Dance, Drama and Education) from Lake Erie College and her Master of Arts degree in Education from Marygrove College. Ms. Gregory was an Educator in the Cleveland Municipal School District for 15 years and the Associate Director of Dance for Shaker Heights High School for 13 years.

ROBLU's mission is to be an agent of change in the Cleveland Community at large by offering youth and adults an opportunity to receive educational artistic and holistic programming that will equip them with the ability to comppete in this ever changing and fast paced society

Project Description - 

The "Teens In Action" Teen Summer Program is an eight-week, comprehensive personal, professional and cultural development program that promotes the  elimination of crime and violence in our urban communities. The goal of the program is to provide 2 hundred disadvantaged "At-Risk" youth, ages 12 through 17, who live throughout Greater Cleveland, Ohio, with  the tools necessary to make informed choices that support their ability to succeed in their academic, personal and professional careers. The program will accomplish this by providing students opportunities for exposure to the visual and performing arts with activities, guest speakers and field trips that expose them to community service projects, career, social, and business opportunities.

Statistical Information - 

Violent crime and crimes commited by youth have astronomical proportions in the Greater Cleveland Community. There are many factors contributing to this spike in crime. Some of these contributing factors include:

  • lack of employment

  • rising poverty level

  • increase number of single parent households

  • rising gang activity in low income housing and communities

  • consent availability of new designer drugs, etc;

It has been proven that arts education make a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of a child. It has also been demonstrated that the arts education "has a measurable impact on At-Risk youth in deterring delinquent behavior and truancy problems, while also increasing overall academic performance among those youth engaged in after-school and summer arts programs targeted toward delinquency prevention.

The vehicle used to achieve the program goals will be training and participation i the visual and performing arts, volunteering in community service projects and skills trainers that promote the development of character traits, skills and habits needed to acheive life-long success. The training will be enhanced by participatory games, interactive activities; discussion groups, guest speakers and field trips. 

The Program is designed to move participants away from choices that lead to crime and toward an increased understanding of personal and social responsibilty.