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Your Next Move Chess Club

Chess Lessons and Tournament Play
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 Program Director:   Kenny Denard

Small group instruction is where we feel the most improvement will take place. Our goal is to get all our clients into this portion of our program. The small group instruction is a very intense workout, with a 6 to 1 ratio, this enables learning to occur at a faster pace. The 6 players will work hard to push each other to improve basketball skills such as: shooting, dribbling, passing and defense. This will be one hour of constant moving and working on basketball skills. 

Your Next Move Chess Club is a nonprofit organization committed to the teaching, sharing and education of individuals from various ages and levels, in the history, knowledge, and play of chess. We are dedicated to serving the Youth and Adults of the greater Cleveland area and surrounding communities, by mentoring, instructing and expanding the awareness of chess. It is our goal to empower our members with chess strategies that promote skills for sportsmanship, self-development, critical thinking, planning, and organization, problem-solving, and goal-setting which can be applied in life applications and personal development.

Y.N.M.C.C. strives to enhance the player development of all ages, with the use of history and literature, videos lessons, chess software, lectures and all available resources of technology in the training of chess education. 



As we create a fun, recreational and positive competitive environment, our membership will strive to maintain moral conduct and respect with one another. We earnestly endeavor to pursue to develop effective relationships with local Businesses, Corporations and individuals who have similar passion toward the investment of youth, for funding and support that will enable scholarships, internships and advance the history and education of chess.

It is our future vision to reproduce four regional clubs throughout the city, for weekly and monthly team competitions that prepare to compete in USCF rated tournaments.