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 Training on critical barriers, Warning signs and Door Flaps

Lead in interior household dust, exterior surface soil, and old residential lead paint, which is deteriorated or removed, constitute the major sources of lead poisoning in children in the United States. Infants and children, who typically engage in hand to mouth activities, frequently come into contact with lead dust in soil and on the floor.


Lead is particularly dangerous to children because their growing bodies absorb more lead than adults do and their brains and nervous systems are more sensitive to the damaging effects of lead.

There are several other ways that children can be exposed to lead:

  • By eating and drinking food or water containing lead;

  • From dishes or glasses that contain lead;

  • Inhaling lead dust from lead-based paint or lead-contaminated soil; or

  • From playing with toys painted with lead paint.

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9:00am - 11am

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The PRYDE workforce training program is for economically-disadvantaged young adults and adults, Re-Entry, displaced young adults that focuses on economic and environmental health—focusing on Lead using preventative, temporary (Interim Controls) and full abatement by Contaminate Removal and Containment Services.

7 WEEKS Classroom certification and test preparation

and Extended hands-on training in lead disciplines, electrical, carpentry and plumbing

Three Certifications Available:

1. Renovate, Repair and Painting(RRP)

2. Lead Abatement Worker

3. Lead Abatement Contractor


PremTech Lead Services,  Builders Incorporated & MCW Contractors

Certifications and registrations:   Licensed Lead Abatement Contractors, and EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

                                                    Licensed Electricians, General Contractors and Construction Management Firm

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